December 27, 2011

Ava is 4 days. (in this page anyways)

I will need to learn how to do this. Take pictures and make them look proportionate. (is that a word?) Anyways, here's a page I did at the beginning of the month. I subscribed to Studio Calico's monthly kit. And so far I've done a few pages. It really has helped me make more pages.

What I love:
Items are coordinated.
I don't have to take 4 kids to a local scrapping store.(although I love to buy local or try. It's just that online is so convenient and it's fun to get packages. You know. That guy in brown..something about the packages he brings.)
Online forum has people who understand an obsession  hobby. Interest in the same things.
Helps to document the small things that happen in the day-to-day.

more time needed. So this time for the blog..Not really sure when I'll do it. Going to try to be more faithful. trying to see what should go where. ORGANIZE!
Can't think of others. 

I will try to take better pictures(or just any picture) to have an online document of the pages. Maybe when I'm 70, (if I can see that is) I will love that I did this. We will see. Already getting ahead of myself.

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